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Originally from Winchester in Hampshire England UK, Lync42 (Mick Lynch) is an Indie singer / songwriter who writes, performs and produces his own songs. His songs have a folktronica feel (but with a balladeer edge) and depict a mix of troubled society and simpler times, images of childhood summers and long forgotten industries.

He grew up with little money in the household - his Mum was left at home to raise 4 kids while his Dad was away in the army. With not much to do (and no real love for the outdoors) he spent his time listening to his parents records. His Mum had an eclectic taste from film scores and show tunes, crooners such as Sinatra, Martin, Tom Jones and popular artists from the 60’s such as the Beatles, Stones, Dave Clark 5, Cliff Richard, Elvis, The Hollies and so on. His Dad was into Jazz and the Big Band sound, Glenn Miller, Dave Brubeck, Joe Loss and James Last. All of these artists made a great impression on him but as he grew into his own listening choices in the 70’s and 80’s, he had the most eclectic taste of all ! From Easy Listening like the Carpenters, to Punk (The Boomtown Rats), electric guitars from Dire Straits, Status Quo, Queen and to the great singer songwriters of that time Manilow, Billy Joel, Dean Friedman, Gerard Kenny. A great time to be around music.

With the GLP The radio would soon become his close friend and he became a hospital radio DJ in his teen years and then moved onto being a club DJ in the Eighties and then mobile DJ in the Nineties.

A career in public services sidelined just about everything for sometime but he decided to learn how to write songs “to scoop them out of his head” in his own words, so he worked hard on songwriting and playing guitar.

With 3 singles released in 2017, Champagne Dreams, Maybe Tomorrow and Drive the Five (Those Medford Boys), the album was shaping up nicely. Drive the Five and Maybe Tomorrow were awarded “Higher Commended” awards at the UK Songwriting Competition 2017.

He started 2018 with the release of the album "Maybe Tomorrow". A couple of songs did quite well on Facebook with views of over 7000. He also played The Paignton Festival in the summer - a great event for local charities. He has started work on a new album, with 3 tracks now laid down but lots of work to be done. He is looking forward to the challenges 2019 will bring.

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